Frequent Questions

Q1. Why should I store our archive records with HDM?

A. There can be many factors for leading to a decision to send your archive records to HDM. Many customers are seeking management of their records as opposed to just storage. However there are also other factors such as releasing office space; improved security and safety for your records; reducing "hidden overheads" in wasted time and effort by your staff; and of course, cost effectiveness.

Q2. Why is HDM different from other storage providers?

A. We provide our services direct to you at the workplace, and we actively reduce the burden and risk of records management activities for your staff. We also aim to provide service levels that exceed our client's expectations.

Q3. How quickly can HDM get my records back to me?

A. Same day guaranteed! (Thanks to our central location) Clients located over 50 klms from the Newcastle CBD receive their records on the next working day basis. We can also instigate delivery and pick up services to suit your requirements; we even make multiple visits to your Office during the same day if required.

Q4. Will my records be safe at HDM?

A. Absolutely. Our repository is constructed of brick and concrete and features a full range of security measures, including continuous intruder and smoke detection monitoring. Access is only available through a coded entry door and the facility is under constant video surveillance. We also have the unique benefit of staff members who live permanently on-site.

Q5. Will we lose control of our records?

A: No, not at all. Your records are only ever a telephone call or e-mail message away and will be delivered to you without any of your staff having to leave their workdesk. In fact, all archive boxes are barcoded and subject to electronic verification to ensure accuracy in our deliveries. We have taken many steps to eliminate the opportunity for human error.

Q6. Will all of our records be kept together?

A: Actually no, but this is a distinct advantage. Our system is based on using all available shelf space efficiently. As our barcode inventory system tracks the location of each and every one of your records, it is not necessary to store them together. In fact, this storage practice adds to your security by ensuring all of your records are not kept in the one area of our Repository.

Q7. How many boxes can we store?

A. HDM can provide storage for any number of archive boxes you require. We have some customers storing only 5 archive boxes and others who store up to 5,000 archive boxes. We love all our clients both great and small.

Q8. Can we use our present archive boxes?

A. Yes, of course you can. Our only requirement is that your archive boxes should be in fair condition, and not overfilled or collapsing. We do have a re-boxing service available, if required.

Q9. Do you have archive boxes available?

A. Yes, we use an industry standard archive box that has an attached lid and is designed with additional strength. You will find our archive boxes do not collapse or have the base fall-out when lifted. We are happy to supply our customers with our archive boxes at a very competitive price.

Q10. Can you give me a listing of our boxes?

A. Yes, very quickly and easily. We can provide either hardcopy or electronic listings, in excel file format. The information we hold in our databases allows for easy file transfer. Of course, any specific information we hold is treated with an extreme respect for our clients' confidentiality.

Q11. How do I make sure my records are not kept any longer than required?

A. We can look after this for you simply provide us with the time period the records are to be held for. Our software tracks the data and as the records reach the end of their useful life we contact you to seek your instructions and obtain your written permission before proceeding to destruction. Our method of destruction is shredding, with the pulp recycled. If your archive boxes are in good condition we will return them to you for re-use.

Q12. What hours do you work?

A. Our Office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays). After-hours contact is maintained and emergency deliveries outside of business hours are also available, if requested.

Q13 Who delivers our records to us?

A. Only HDM staff will make the collection and delivery of your records. This also allows our staff to become familiar with your office location and any special requirements or security protocols you may have.

Q14. What about privacy?

A. Yes this is very important at HDM and we have many procedures in place to assure the complete confidentiality of your records.

For example, we deliver records for our medical clients in sealed satchels. You also have the ability to restrict the access of certain records to only certain members of your staff.

All HDM staff are security cleared and receive specific training in our confidentiality requirements. We have gained the trust and confidence of our clients in respect to the privacy of the information held and we ensure this trust is never broken.

Q15. How do we contact HDM?

A. Simply follow the prompts on our Contact Us page, or just call us at (02) 4952 7777.

Q16. I also need to store surplus equipment or stock - can you help me?

A. Yes we recommend Safe-n-Sound Self Storage as the service you may need. Safe-n-Sound operates new and professional storage facilities. You can take this link to their website or call them on 1300SAFENSOUND (that's 1300-7233676863).

Q17. I have records at my Office that I need destroyed - can you help?

A. If you need an on-site destruction service we recommend the Mobile Shredding Company. Their service is secure and professional. To find out more take this link to their website or call them on 4957-9903.